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Dustone Antique Release Agent™ is a very fine colored powder formulated for use in the stamping and texturing of freshly placed concrete. The release agent is broadcast over the freshly troweled concrete surface to create a barrier preventing the transfer of the wet concrete paste to the stamping tools. During the process, a portion of the colored antiquing release becomes embedded in the surface, usually where there is relief in the texturing tool, where it is trapped by the hardening concrete imparting a secondary color to the concrete. When the surface is subsequently washed and sealed a mottled, antiqued appearance is obtained with colors ranging from that of the underlying concrete to that of the antiquing release, with mixtures of the two the most likely.

Dustone Colors

Light Rose
Gray Stone
Shell White
Light Beige Sandstone Flagstone Buff Pacific Blue Green
Canyon Tan
Golden Amber
Brick Red
Saultillo Tile
Tile Red
Red Taupe
Gray Slate
Silver Gray
French Gray
Rustic Brown
Terra Cotta
Phoenix Tan
Autumn Brown

NOTE: The above colors will differ from the finished product, due to differences in Computer Monitors and Graphic Cards.

STORAGE • Store in a cool, dry place, away from oxidizers and acids. Keep containers tightly sealed. Shelf life is approximately 24 months.

COVERAGE • Coverage requirements vary depending on timing, moisture content of the surface, method of finishing prior to imprinting, application techniques, and other jobsite conditions. For most applications, the coverage rate is approximately 3.5 pounds per 100 square feet (1.6 kg. per 10 sq/m). but no more than 6 pounds per 100 sq. ft. (2.5 kg. per 10 sq/m)

PREPARATION • Before applying Dustone Antique Release Agent, protect all adjacent areas and slabs that could be damaged through contamination by the colored release.
APPLICATION • Application on a still day is recommended, since Dustone Antique Release Agent is very finely ground, and wind conditions will severely affect its application. The required pails of Dustone Antique Release Agent should be distributed around the perimeter of the area to be antiqued. After opening the pail of release its contents should be fluffed and agitated by hand or mechanical mixer prior to broadcasting. Immediately prior to imprinting, the antiquing release agent should be applied by hand, Release Applicator or using a soft, long-bristle masonry brush to broadcast the material evenly across the surface, normally in one broadcasting operation (shake). To prevent drifting, the antiquing release should not be broadcast from a point above knee level. To prevent adhesion during imprinting, a complete and adequate layer of Dustone Antique Release Agent should exist between the concrete and the mat-type texturing tool or embossing skin. Sufficient material should be applied so that the sheen disappears from the surface of the concrete, but since texture detail may be diminished, the application of an excessive amount should be avoided. Timing is critical to successful application. If the antique release agent is applied while the slab is too plastic, more material than desired may become embedded in the concrete and be difficult or impossible to remove, causing the final color to be closer to that of the antique release agent. If Dustone Antique Release Agent is applied when the concrete is not plastic enough, little material will be able to combine with the concrete and most of it will be removed from the surface without producing the desired color effect. The finish applied to the surface of the concrete prior to stamping will also affect the amount of material that embeds in the concrete. Rough finishes and/or integrally colored concrete will retain more antique release agent than flat finishes using color hardeners. Troweling Dustone Antique Release Agent into the surface will result in permanent discoloration.

REMOVAL • To reduce tracking and staining of other areas, excess antique release agent may be removed by sweeping with a very soft broom or vacuuming the imprinted concrete surface after the concrete is hard enough to walk on without marring. After the imprinted concrete surface has hardened sufficiently, the remaining un-embedded antique release agent should be removed to the degree desired by using a 2500 psi or greater pressure washer, by scrubbing by hand or with a buffer. Care must be taken not to damage the concrete surface. The amount of Dustone Antique Release Agent adhering to the concrete surface will depend upon how hard the concrete surface was at the time of application and texturing. A softer surface will retain more antique release agent than a harder one.

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Light Rose, Ash, Ivory, Gray Stone, Shell White, Light Beige, Sandstone, Flagstone Buff, Pacific Blue, Green, Kahlua, Limestone, Canyon Tan, Nutmeg, Golden Amber, Brick Red, Sautillo Tile, Tile Red, Red Taupe, Coral, Gray Slate, Silver Gray, Gray, Charcoal, French Gray, Walnut, Rustic Brown, Terra Cotta, Phoenix Tan, Autumn Brown


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