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Dustone Color Hardener™ is an engineered blend of color pigments, cement, graded, hard non-reactive aggregates and surface conditioning agents. Dustone Color Hardener is a ready to use dry shake colorant and surface hardener for concrete. Applied to fresh concrete, it will produce a colorful, wear resistant concrete surface. Dustone Color Hardener is specifically formulated for use in decorative, textured and stamped concrete. Its superior concrete stamping and coloring characteristics make it ideal for use on many different commercial, industrial and residential colored concrete finishes.
Color Hardener and all sacked products are non-returnable.

Dustone Colors

Light Rose
Gray Stone
Shell White
Light Beige Sandstone Flagstone Buff Pacific Blue Green
Canyon Tan
Golden Amber
Brick Red
Saultillo Tile
Tile Red
Red Taupe
Gray Slate
Silver Gray
French Gray
Rustic Brown
Terra Cotta
Phoenix Tan
Autumn Brown

NOTE: The above colors will differ from the finished product, due to differences in Computer Monitors and Graphic Cards.

STORAGE • Protect from moisture and store in a cool, dry place, away from oxidizers and acids. Do not store sacks on concrete floors, always place on pallet or similar to prevent moisture from being drawn into color hardener. Shelf life is approximately 12 months.

COVERAGE • Coverage requirements vary according to intended use and color. For most applications, Dustone Color Hardener should be applied at a rate of 60 pounds per 100 square feet (3.0 kg per sq/m). Lighter colors such as pastel shades and whites as well as areas subject to heavy traffic require minimum coverage rates of 90 – 120 pounds per 100 square feet (4.5 – 6.0 kg per sq/m) but never more than 120 pounds per 100 square feet (6.0 kg per sq/m).

PREPARATION • The subgrade must be properly compacted, moist, uniformly graded and free of standing water at the time of placement. Protect all adjacent areas and slabs that could be damaged through contamination by the color hardener or concrete.

CONCRETE • The concrete should be designed to meet the strength and finishing requirements of the project. All fine and course aggregates must be non-reactive and free of deleterious material. The maximum recommended slump is 4 inches. Do NOT use Calcium Chloride additives.

APPLICATION • The application of color hardener should be started after the concrete has been placed screeded and wood-floated and the excess bleed-water has disappeared from the concrete surface. Using protective gloves, reach down into each bag and remix material that may have settled during transporting and storage. To ensure sufficient and uniform coverage, the color hardener should not be applied at less than the rate described in the COVERAGE section. Dustone Color Hardener should be applied in two applications (shakes). Two-thirds of the material should be applied in the first shake with one-third being withheld for the second shake and final touch-up as necessary. For applications of color hardener over 100 pounds per 100 square feet (5.0 kg per sq/m) three shakes should be considered with one-half of the material being applied during the first shake. To prevent segregation of the aggregates, the color hardener should not be broadcast from a point above knee level or thrown more than a few feet (1 m), less under windy conditions. A small quantity of material should be withheld from the final shake for touching up non-uniform or weak-toned areas as necessary. The necessary moisture for wetting the color hardener must come from the concrete substrate to develop the proper strength and monolithic bonding. Water must not be sprinkled or otherwise added to the surface during application. Otherwise, a discolored and weakened surface with reduced durability may occur. After each application, the dry color hardener must be thoroughly and completely worked into the surface by the use of magnesium bull floats and hand floats or a power troweling machine equipped with float blades (shoes). Long-handled fresnos must not be used for the initial floating of the color hardener. The concrete must not be troweled or fresnoed until after the final application of the color hardener. After application of the final shake, the surface should be floated, then hand or machine troweled. To prevent burning or darkening of the surface, hard steel troweling (burnishing) should be minimized, especially at the edges and joint lines. The specified texture should be applied uniformly using consistent finishing practices. All surfaces should be finished reasonably within the same time after placing. If the color hardened surface is to be imprinted with Decorative Concrete Stamps or other mat-type imprinting tools, Dustone Antique Release Agent or Liquid Release Agent should be used.

Vertical Surfaces Steps, curbs, wallcaps and other vertical surfaces should be sufficiently set up to maintain the desired shape prior to stripping the forms. Place a small quantity of color hardener in a plastic bucket, add water and mix to create a creamy paste, and apply the creamy colored paste to the vertical surfaces using a rubber float, wood float or trowel. Be careful to completely color the surface while working the color hardener into the surface, avoid using an excessive amount. After coloring trowel to the desired finish. For stamped and textured finishes apply antique or liquid release agent after final finishing and stamp or texture as desired.

CURING • The use of a clear, non-staining, acrylic or wax curing-compound is recommended. Do not cure with plastic sheeting, membrane paper or water misting. Avoid the use of sodium-silicate type concrete hardeners. Products not recommended could cause discoloration or mottling of the concrete surface.

WARNING • Prolonged, unprotected exposure may result in non-reversible Silicosis or Lung Cancer. All concrete finishers and all onsite personnel must wear an OSHA-NIOSH approved dust respirator while applying or working around Dustone Color Hardener. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear rubber gloves to protect skin and safety eye goggles. Before using or handling this product, completely read the Dustone Color Hardener Technical Information and MSDS. Close container after each use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Light Rose, Ash, Ivory, Gray Stone, Shell White, Light Beige, Sandstone, Flagstone Buff, Pacific Blue, Green, Kahlua, Limestone, Canyon Tan, Nutmeg, Golden Amber, Brick Red, Sautillo Tile, Tile Red, Red Taupe, Coral, Gray Slate, Silver Gray, Gray, Charcoal, French Gray, Walnut, Rustic Brown, Terra Cotta, Phoenix Tan, Autumn Brown


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