Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer


Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer is a high gloss concrete sealer specially formulated for use on colored, stamped and textured concrete. Does not exceed 100 V.O.C. and is suitable for applications in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in California.

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DESCRIPTION AND BASIC USE • Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer is a high-performance “Wet Look” clear high gloss sealer manufactured specifically for cementitious surfaces such as stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, slate, manufactured stone and other porous masonry surfaces. Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer is suitable for exterior applications where a penetrating, non-yellowing, high gloss appearance is desired. Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer is stain and efflorescence resistant on most fully cured concrete and masonry surfaces. Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer will darken the porous masonry surface; thereby, allowing the treated surface to appear damp.

V.O.C. Rating • Does not exceed 100 V.O.C. and is suitable for applications in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in California.

STORAGE • Store in a protected area, out of direct sunlight, heat, sparks and open flame. Keep containers tightly sealed and upright to prevent leakage when not in use. Do not transfer contents into bottles or other unlabeled containers. In case of spillage, absorb, sweep up, and place in a proper waste disposal container. DO NOT allow product to freeze. Shelf life is approximately 1 to 2 years.

COVERAGE • Coverage can vary greatly depending upon the porosity of the surface being sealed. One gallon will normally cover approximately 200 square feet of stamped and textured concrete.

PREPARATION • New concrete should be cured at least 28 days, and a moisture test is recommended prior to application. Surfaces must be dry, porous and free of foreign contaminants. Make certain that the bond to any previously applied stain or sealer is secure by applying sealer to a small area and check for possible lifting before proceeding. It is recommended to thoroughly remove all previously applied sealers.

APPLICATION • For best results, sealer should be applied when the surface temperature is between 55°F and 85°F. Apply during the cooler part of the day when the surface is shaded. Stir contents thoroughly. After thorough preparation of the surface, Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer can be applied using a natural brush, nap roller or pump-up spray equipment. Apply from 1-2 light, even coats (depending on porosity of surface) with a short napped roller. CAUTION: If using a roller to apply sealer, be careful to apply in thin coats while maintaining a wet edge. Do not re-roll wet areas. Allow 1-3 hours between coats or until surface is dry to the touch. For best results, it is recommended that foot traffic remain off the finished sealed surface for 24 hours. For heavy foot traffic, allow 72 hours for curing.

MAINTENANCE • The sealed surface should be inspected periodically for areas of thin or traffic-worn sealer and reapplied as needed.

WARNING • NOT RECOMMENDED for hard dense surfaces. Do not use where hydrostatic pressure is present or possible.

SLIP WARNING • If applied too heavily or applied to dense surfaces, the sealer may become slippery, especially in areas where water accumulates. Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer, like any good finish, reduces the porosity of the surface being sealed. Be aware that oil, water, mud or other materials on a sealed walkway can make the surface slippery and therefore potentially dangerous. Good housekeeping and maintenance are important; good drainage is imperative. Add Rhino Grip to Dustone Clear Lacquer Sealer to increase slip-resistance properties if needed.

CAUTION • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Before using or handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and Warranty. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. Do not breathe vapors or mist. Use only with adequate ventilation and use a respirator when levels are above applicable limits. If using spray equipment, a painter’s mask should be worn. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Close container after each use. Use good hygiene when handling this product and wash and bathe after each use. Be sure to wash clothing after each use.

WARRANTY • This product is not for public use and is intended for use by licensed contractors, experienced and trained in the use of these products. It is warranted to be of uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. The manufacturer has no control over the use of this product, therefore, no warranty, expressed or implied, is or can be made either as to the affects or as results of such use. In any case, the manufacturer’s obligations shall be limited to refunding the purchase price or replacing material proven defective. The end user shall be responsible for determining product’s suitability and assumes all risks and liability.

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