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Liquid Release Agent™ is a colorless release agent designed to prevent texturing mats and stamping tools from sticking to still-plastic concrete or polymer modified overlays during the stamping process. Liquid Release Agent creates a lubricating barrier that helps prolongs the life of texturing mats by decreasing the friction between the texturing mat and the surface of the concrete. Liquid Release Agent can be used in the texturing process of both colored, uncolored concrete and most polymer modified overlayments. It is used as an alternative to antiquing powdered release agents that may not be practicable for use in certain circumstances, such as interior projects. Liquid Release Agent also known as bubble gum release due to its scent is suitable for use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

LIMITATIONS • Liquid Release Agent is formulated for use with most texturing mats. However, a test is recommended on your texturing mats to insure compatibility before using the liquid release. Liquid Release Agent is applied just prior to placing the texturing tools on the surface to be imprinted, and must not be allowed to evaporate/dry prior to impressing the tool. To maintain the integrity of the surface, do not trowel or in any way mix the Liquid Release Agent with the surface. To make corrections, use the texturing mat and press out any unwanted impression.

STORAGE • Store in a cool dry location, out of direct sunlight. Keep containers tightly sealed. DO NOT allow product to freeze. Shelf life is approximately 1 to 2 years.

COVERAGE • Coverage rates vary depending on timing, finishing practices, weather wind, imprinting depths, and job conditions. For most applications, the coverage rate is approximately 200 square feet per gallon.

PREPARATION • Trowel and finish the newly poured concrete or overlay materials to the desired finish, in preparation of the imprinting process. When the surface of the concrete or overlay has reached the desired plastic stage for proper imprinting apply liquid release agent using a pump type sprayer between the texturing mats and the concrete or overlay surface, to prevent sticking and buildup.

APPLICATION • Apply in temperatures between 55ºF and 80ºF (12.8ºC and 26.7ºC),using a pump type sprayer, liberally apply a mist of liquid release agent on the concrete or overlay surface where you intend to place the next few texturing mats. Apply liquid release only to the area that will be stamped in the next few minutes, usually ten to fifteen square feet at a time. If liquid release agent evaporates prior to the mats being placed, reapply liquid release to the area as necessary. To make any corrections, use the texturing mats and press out any of the unwanted impressions. When stamping is completed, wash off the Liquid Release Agent from the texturing mats, using plain water and soap.

CAUTION • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Before using or handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and Warranty. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. Do not breathe vapors or mist. Use only with adequate ventilation and use a respirator when levels are above applicable limits. If using spray equipment, a painter’s mask should be worn. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Close container after each use. Use good hygiene when handling this product and wash and bathe after each use. Be sure to wash clothing after each use.

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