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Rhino-Grip is a skid-resistant additive for concrete sealers. It is made from an almost invisible micronized polymer which when applied with the sealer adds ‘bite’ to the sealed surface.


  • For inclined driveways, garages, steps, patios and pool decks.
  • Spherical-shaped particles allow easy cleaning of the surface.
  • Spherical-shaped particles provide a smoother feel under foot when used on pool decks and patios.


  • Puts “bite” on concrete surfaces.
  • Slip-resistance.
  • Easy addition into sealers.
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Good universal compatibility.


16oz. of Rhino Grip per 5 gallons of sealer.

Instructions for Use:

Add the proper amount of Rhino Grip to the sealer and mix with a mechanical paddle mixer. Rhino Grip should be added slowly and evenly. Mix well for 5-10 minutes and apply with pump-up sprayer (use proper tip for spray applications) or apply with a roller. Do not re-roll wet areas. Note: some low-pressure pump-up sprayers may not be able to dispense sealers with Rhino Grip.

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